Coding4TX and its partners host a variety of Ecosystem Events throughout the year.

These events are meant to connect and introduce schools, students, and families to extended opportunities relating to computer science education.

Some of the events we have hosted or sponsored are:

  • Hackathons – Full-day coding competitions that give students a chance to let their technical, creative and presentation skills shine
  • CodeJams – Multi-hour computer science “experience playgrounds” for elementary and middle school students to try out new devices and skills
  • Startup Crawls – Half-day visits to several startups to give high school students a glimpse of “life in the real world”, all within a walkable area
  • Company Mini-Internships – Partnerships with companies on real projects that need solving but are manageable within a school semester, summer or multi-visit experience
  • Industry Brown Bags – Small group lunches at your school with computer science experts from all different industries
  • Company Visits – Tours of company labs, workspaces and more with an entire class or school